Actors Ren Season

The Actors Renaissance Season (ARS) is a season devoted to Original Practices. Based on the work of Tiffany Stern, the season seeks to recreate, partially, the rehearsal conditions of Shakespeare’s company. For this season actors are only given sides to work from, they have only a two or three word cue and their lines. They are given a short rehearsal period, usually about 40 hours total, and they have no director and no designer. The actors must make all the staging choices. Each actor costumes his own characters, and actors are responsible for choreographing any dances, fights (though a certified fight director is sometimes called in for major fights) and arrange all music on their own. This season is the 5th ARS. The cast contains both seasoned ARS veterans, and new comers.

For more information on this unique season you can look at the ASC page on the ARS here, and Sarah Enloe's web-site detailing the 2008 ARS here.

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